Christo Aivalis is a Canadian Historian, media commentator, and writer. His current academic position is Social Sciences and Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow in The University of Toronto's Department of History. He holds a bachelor's degree in history and political science from the University of New Brunswick, along with a master's degree and doctorate in history from Queen's University. 

His research deals primarily with 20th century Canadian labour and political history. His first book, published with UBC Press, examined Pierre Trudeau's relationship with organized labour and the social democratic left. His second manuscript is in progress, and is contracted with Athabasca University Press. It will examine the long career of pioneering Canadian labour leader Aaron Roland (A.R.) Mosher. In addition, Christo's peer-reviewed work and book reviews have been published in numerous journals, including The Canadian Historical Review, Labour/le Travail, Ontario History, and Labour: Studies in Working Class History of the Americas. 

Christo is an executive member of the Canadian Committee for Labour History, and is also an editor of the website Active History, which has as its goal demonstrating the accessibility and relevance of history to wide audiences. He has also made contributions to sources like Canadian Dimension,, Our Times Magazine, The Broadbent Institute, Ricochet, and This Magazine. 

Finally, in partnership with the University of Toronto's Media Centre, Christo is a highly-sought speaker and commentator on issues surrounding Canadian labour and political history, as well as on contemporary Canadian politics, labour relations, and trade union politics. His work has appeared in print, radio, television and digital formats at the local, national, and international level. 

He currently resides in Kingston Ontario with his wife Briana, his son Demetrios, and his cat Smokey. 

For Christo's full Curriculum Vitae, click here. He can be reached for media or academic inquiries at